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                              Late Rev. Khup Za Go | Our beloved Pastor died while working as our Pastor


                              Parentage: Khup Khaw Neng & Awi Khaw Dim
                              Date of birth : March 1, 1944
                              Place of birth : Murlen Village, Champhai District, Mizoram
                              Spouse : Niang Khan Man
                              Children : Mr Carey Pum Khan Tuang, Mr John Khual Lian Mung
                              Daughter in law: Mrs Niang Ngaih Lun
                              Grand daughters: Rita Man Sian Muang & Deborah Ciin Biak Dik
Education & Training

    High School Leaving Certificate, Mizo High School, Aizawl, Mizoram
    Pre-University Certificate, Oriental College, Imphal, Manipur
    B.A., D.M. College (Gauhati University), Imphal, Manipur
    M.A. (Pol. Science), Gauhati University, Assam
    American Baptist Boston Seminar (September – December), Andover Newton Theological School, Boston, MA, USA
    B.D., Serampore College, West Bengal, India
    Book Publishing Course (January-June), Oxford, England, UK
    M.Th. (History of Christianity), United Theological College (Senate of Serampore College), Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Responsibilities in the Church and Ministries

    1971-1978 Field Director, Chin Baptist Association (affiliated to Manipur Baptist Convention & Council of Baptist Churches in North East India)
    1982-1987 Assistant Director/Director, Christian Literature Centre, Guwahati, Assam
    1987-1997 Executive Secretary, Literature Secretary, Mission Secretary, Pastor, CBA
    1991-1992 Vice President, CBCNEI
    1999-2000 Lecturer, John Roberts Theological Seminary, Shillong
    2000-2005 Pastor, Zomi Christian Fellowship, Delhi


    Nagaland Baptist Centennial, Impur, Nagaland, 1972
    Billy Graham Crusade, Kohima, 1972
    EFI Conference, Guwahati, 1974
    Management Skill Seminar, Guwahati, 1974
    Church Growth Seminar, Guwahati, 1974
    BSI Translations Workshop, Rajpur, UP, 1974
    Family Welfare Seminar, Guwahati, 1975
    CBCNEI Silver Jubilee, Jorhat, 1975
    EFI Silver Jubilee, Hyderabad, 1976
    Baptist Union of India Assembly, Bangalore, 1976
    Asian Baptist Congress, Hyderabad, 1979
    Communication Workshop, Madras, 1983
    Publication Workshop, Bangalore, 1983
    Billy Graham Mission England, Bristol, UK, 1984
    Asia Region World Association for Christian Communication, Bali, Indonesia, 1985
    National Consultation on ‘Publications on Development Issues’, Delhi, 1985
    CBCNEI Sesquicentennial Celebration, Dimapur, Nagaland, 1986
    Consultation for the Christian Publishers and Booksellers in India, Delhi, 1986
    International Book Fair, Frankfurt, Germany, 1986
    National Association of Christian Communication, Nagpur, 1986
    Billy Graham Mission World, Shillong, 1990
    CBCNEI Seminar on Leadership in 21st Century, Guwahati, 1996
    Seminar on Mizo Identity organised by Hrangbana College, Aizawl and Art & Culture Department, Government. of Mizoram, 1996
    North East India Pastors Conference, Shillong, 1997


    Founder member, Evangelical Graduates Fellowship, Churachandpur, Manipur
    Organised Churachandpur Baptist Fellowship
    Organised Kuki-Chin Baptist Union, Manipur
    1993 Patron member, Bible Society of India, Churachandpur, Manipur
    1994 Life member, Chin Students Association, Churachandpur, Manipur
    2001 organised Zo Research & Communication Centre, Delhi

Translated from English into Tedim

    Pasian’ Nalamdang Bawlte I & II(1972)
    Mihing’ Lungtang (1973)
    Sum Sawm Lai Thum Tangthu (1974)


    Holy Bible in Tedim (1975-76)
    New Testament Pocket size in Tedim (1995)

Authored in Tedim

    Zomi Baptist Convention (1981)
    Tedim Lai Siangtho Hong Piankhiatna (1981)
    Zat Tangzanng (1984)
    Pasian Thu Bu (1984)
    Lai Bang Ci Gelh Ding (1988)
    Tedim Pau Leh Lai Khantoh Thu (1990)
    Zo Minam Tawh Kisai Thu (2001)
    Lai Zat Tangzang (2004)
    Khristian Khutzat (2004)
    Leivui Panin (2004)

Authored in English:

    Christianity in Chinland (1985)
    Chin Chronicles (1988)
    A Critical Historical Study of Bible Translations among the Zo People in North East India (1996)
    Zo Chronicles (soon to be published by Mittal Publications, Delhi)


    Zo Aw quarterly, Guwahati
    Lungdamna Aw monthly, Churachandpur, Manipur
    Zomi Christian International, bi-monthly, Delhi

Prizes, awards, etc received:

    Certificate of Achievement by the Board of International Ministries, ABC, & ANTS
    Proficiency Prize by the Serampore College, 1981, Serampore, West Bengal
    Edward & Mary Prize by the Serampore College, 1981, Serampore, West Bengal
    Research Fellow by the American Biographical Institute, North Carolina, USA.

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