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Rules & Regulations

First Edition: 1987

First Revision: 2005

Conscious of the common bonds of ethnic affinity and responsibilities towards God as believers, the Zomis in Delhi started the first service of the present Zomi Christian Fellowship, Delhi on 27th February 1982. A humble beginning with the main purpose of promoting the spiritual/social well being and unity of the members. The Fellowship has grown in number and strength over the years by the Grace of God An inter-denominational Fellowship as it is, the members come from the different Zo Tribes, mainly of Manipur speaking different dialects, adding to the beauty and uniqueness of the Fellowship and symbolizing the oneness of the believers in Christ. This “Rules and Regulations” has been enacted for the proper organization and better coordination of the Fellowship, Delhi.


The name of the Association shall be called the Zomi Christian Fellowship, Delhi.


The office of the Fellowship shall be located in Delhi, India.


Any one who can identify himself/herself as Zomi and subscribe to the Aims & Objectives of the Association as well as the Tenets of Faith of the Fellowship (attached as Appendix-I) shall be eligible for membership. A member must get himself/herself enrolled in the membership register enrolled in the membership register maintained by the Executive Committee.


    To Promote the spiritual/social well being and unity of the Members.
    To proclaim God’s message and bear witness to the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in the Holy Bible.


All the registered members shall constitute the General Body of the Fellowship and it shall be the Supreme Body of the Fellowship.


There shall be an Executive Committee to organize and coordinate the business of the Fellowship.
Qualification of the Executive Members:
(a) Must be an active member of the Fellowship who is 18 years of age and above;
(b) Must have received Jesus Christ as his/her Lord and saviour;
(c) Willing and committed to serve the Lord and having moral integrity.
    The Executive Committee shall consist of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and two other members.
    Four of the Executive members shall be elected from amongst the members of the Fellowship by means of secret ballot or as otherwise found more convenient by the Election Commissioners.
    The other two Executive members shall be co-opted by the Elected Chairman so as to form a complete and unified team.
    The Pastor/Chaplain of the Fellowship shall be Secretary of the Executive Committee.
    The tenure of the Executive Committee shall be for two calendars year i.e., January to December.


As leader of the Fellowship in the service of the Lord, the Executive Committee shall hold the following responsibilities and functions:
    To ensure that the Fellowship keeps and fulfill the Aims & Objectives as enshrined in the Rules and Regulations/Bye-laws;
    To conduct the business concerning the Fellowship and consider suggestions received from Members.
    To organize regular worship service and such other meetings like prayer meeting, special gatherings, etc. from time to time;
    To plan and initiate future projects/goals in order to achieve the Aims & Objectives of the Fellowship;
    To communicate and correspond with other related Organizations/Fellowships on matters of common interest;
    To form Sub-Committee group within the Fellowship whenever deemed necessary;
    To raise and collect funds from appropriate sources like voluntary contributions, tithes, offerings, gifts, donations, aids, grants whether from within India or abroad or from other sources approved by the Executive Committee;
    To control all financial matters by maintaining proper record of income and expenditure of the Fellowship;
    To publish journals, magazines, bulletins as means of propagating the gospel;
    The Executive committee shall also enjoy such other functions and responsibilities to discuss and decide on all matter relating to the Fellowship which are not specified above.


The Executive Committee shall recruit Pastor/Chaplain for the Fellowship in accordance with the existing Recruitment Rules of Pastors as amended from time to time.


    The Treasurer shall maintain all income and expenditure of the Fellowship in a standard cash register. All expenditure relating to the Fellowship above Rs.500.00(Rupees five Hundred only) can be made in consultation with the Chairman/Secretary by the Treasurer.
    All expenditure over and above Rs.1000.00( One thousand only) has to be approved by the Executive Committee.
    A joint Bank Account shall be opened in one of the scheduled bank in the name of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The account shall be operated by any two names of the Treasurer and Chairman or Secretary.


Two Auditors shall be appointed from the members of the Fellowship, other than the Executive Members, to Audit the accounts of the Fellowship annually, or as and when deemed necessary by the Executive Committee and the audit statement be communicated to the General Body of the Fellowship through the Executive Committee.


    The Property Secretary shall maintain record of all properties belonging to the Fellowship properly.
    He shall make the record of all properties in the Property Register. He shall make an inventory of the properties from time to time and shall be responsible for the safe custody of such properties.


The Executive Committee may appoint Election Commissioners for conducting election annually.


    Half of the Executive Committee shall constitute the quorum for a meeting and one-third or 30 members of the fellowship, whichever is less for General Body Meeting.
    Apart from the Annual General Body Meeting, the General Body Meeting may be convened by the Executive Committee whenever deemed necessary, or on the recommendation of at least 30 Members.


Amendment to the Rules and Regulations (Bye-laws) may be made in General Body Meeting by a majority of at least two-third of the members present by voting. In the event of unavoidable circumstances, the Executive Committee may enact a law, which shall be temporarily operative for a period of 6(six) months only by the end of which if the amended rule/resolution/law is not endorsed by the General Body of the Fellowship it shall be automatically null and void.


The Association may be dissolved by two-third majority of the General Body specially convened for the purpose by the Executive Committee. The assets and liabilities of the fellowship shall be disposed off in a manner as decided by the Executive Committee.
    We accept the Holy Scripture of the old Testament and the New Testament as the inspired Word of God and received them as living oracles of God, as containing all things necessary to salvation, and as the supreme and decisive standard of faith.
    The Fellowship hold the faith that there is but one God, Eternal and Almighty who made heaven and earth, and whom we have come to know as Father through the Lord Jesus Christ. He is a Spirit, self-existent, omnipresent yet distinct from all other spirits and from all material things: infinite, eternal and unchangeable, in His being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, truth and love.
    We believe in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, who was born of the virgin Mary and become Man. He revealed in a life of humble service the glory of God and for our sins he died, being crucified in the time of Pontius Pilate. On the third day he rose again from the dead, and he ascended to the right hand of God, where He makes intercession for His people. We acknowledge him as Saviour and Lord and we look for his coming again to raise the dead, to judge the world and to reign.
    We believe in the Holy Spirit of God, the Lord, the Giver of Life. He is the revealer of all truth and the ‘Comforter’ who dwells in all who trust in Christ. He assures us that we are children of god; he sanctifies us so that we may become like Christ, and unites all believers in Fellowship with one another.
    The Fellowship accepts that the Sacraments instituted by Christ, Baptism and Lord’s Supper are visible signs of the Grace of God, through which believers confess their faith and which express their union with Christ and their continual dependence on him.
    The Fellowship recognizes the ‘Royal Priesthood’ of all believers who have direct access to God, and all the members have the rights and duties of the priesthood of believers, offering to God in and with the Son the Sacrifice of themselves and all their powers and showing forth in life and word the glory of the redeeming power of God in Jesus Christ. To the whole Fellowship and to every members of it belong the duty and the privilege of spreading the Good News of the Kingdom of God, and the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.
    We believe that it is the duty of all believers to unite in Church Fellowship to observe the sacraments and other ordinances of Christ, to obey His laws, to continue in prayers, to keep holy the Lord’s day, to meet together for His worship, to wait upon the preaching of His word, to give as God may prosper them, to manifest a Christ-like spirit among themselves and towards all men, to labour for the extension of Christ’s Kingdom throughout the world, and to wait for His glorious appearing.
The following revisions/amendments/additions in the rules and regulations/Bye Laws of the Zomi Christian Fellowship, Delhi were made in the year 2005
Rule VI(5): The Chaplain shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee
To be read as ” The Pastor/Chaplain of the Fellowship shall be Secretary of the Executive Committee
Rule VI(6). The tenure of the Executive Committee shall be for one calendar year.
To be read as “the tenure of the EC shall be for two calendar years“.
Rule VIII(2): All expenditure relating to the fellowship above Rs.200/-( two hundred rupees) can be made in consultation with the Chairman/Secretary by the TReasurer.
To be read as ” …..above Rs.500.00 ( five hundred rupees )…”
Rule VIII(3): Expenditure over and above Rs.500/- ( five hundred rupees) has to be approved by the Executive Committee.
To be read as ” …….. Rs.1000/- ( one thousand rupees)……”
Rule VII (A) is to be added:
The Executive Committee shall recruit Pastor/Chaplain for the Fellowship in accordance with the existing Recruitment Rules of Pastors as amended from time to time.”

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