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April 17th, 2011

Following is the brief history of the Youth Department, ZCFD as seen in the minutes of the records. Though the exact date of appointing Mr. Lamboi Taithul as the Secretary of Youth Wing was unknown, his name was first mentioned in the Resolution No. 3(b) of the 3rd Executive Meeting, ZCFD dated 21.03.1998 which was held at H/No. 77, XII, R. K. Puram as the Secretary of the Youth Wing.
In 1998 August 30, Resolution No. 2 of the Executive Meeting held at Mr. Khakhai Zou’s Residence appointed Mr. Ginlun, Mr. Lamkhanpiang, Mr. Thawngkhanlal and Mr. Thianga to assist the Youth’s secretary Mr. Lamboi to form the Executive Body of the Youth Department. Which also sanctioned Rs. 500/- to start with.
On 26th Sept. 1998, the 1st meetings of the above mentioned youths were held at Pu Nehkhomang Neihsiel’s Residence, RK Puram, Sect. XII, H/No. 77. The 1st full structure of the Youth Department’s Executive Body was form under the secretariate of Mr. Lamboi Taithul.
Chairman Mr. Ginzalun Simte
Secretary Mr. Lamboi Taithul
Coordinating Secretary Mr. L. Lam Khan Piang Ngaihte
Finance & Treasurer Mr. Thianga
Secy. Inf. (North) Mr. T. Thawngkhanlal
Secy. Inf. (South) Mr. L. Lam Khan Piang Ngaihte
Music Department
Secy. Music Mr. Khaimin
Member Mr. Langkhai, Mr. Douminthang,
Mr. Thongchinthang, Ms. Nemhoikim,
Ms. Chingneu, Ms. Vungboi and Helen Sangbawih
They also resolved the name of the youth wing should be “Zomi Christian Fellowship Youth Department”
For the 1st time of its kind after the establishment of the Youth Department;
1. The first music project was started in this year.
2. A calendar was produced in this year for a music project.
3. A member of YD, Bro. Tualliankhup got married at New Lamka and the YD presented him the first gift. (18th December, 1998).
4. ZCF Advent Christmas was held under the auspicious of the YD (5th December at Mount Carmel School).
5. A Christmas Carol was organised in all over Delhi.
6. A regular Weekly Prayer Meeting & Bible Study was started.
7. Youth Dept. Library was started in this year, but it is very sad to mention that this good vision of worked has been untraceable of it’s where about.
8. One Amplifier, two Sound Box and two Microphone were bought within a short span of time.
In its 1st General Body Meeting dated 10/01/1998, it dissolved the post of coordinating secretary and appointed Mr. Thangkhankham and Ms. Nemhoihkim as the Vice Chairman and Joint Secretary respectively.
Year 1999
1. The 2nd GBM dated February 21, 1999 resolved (Resln. No. 2) that the Youth Department Rising Day shall be celebrated on every last Sunday of September each year. A new project of Keyboard was again started in this meeting (Resln. No. II of Misc).
2. The 1st Executive Meeting dated March 27, 1999 resolved to make ZCF T-shirt for the music project.
3. The first Youth Seminar was held on the 10th July 1999 at Rev. LT’s Residence, 661, Asiad Village, New Delhi. Pu Pumzathang was the resource person at that seminar.
4. Bro. Thangsianmang was the second among the youths; but the first in Delhi to get married in holy matrimony since the inception of the YD.
5. Since the Chairman, Mr. Ginzalun Simte was leaving Delhi, the post of Chairman was taken up by the vice Chairman, Mr. G. Thangkhankham on 27 April, 1999
6. A new Keyboard was bought at the cost of Rs. 20,400 only.
7. To archive the photos of the Youth Dept., YDAlbum was started from 28th August, 1999. Now it has become one of the treasures of the Youth.
Year 2000
Chairman Thang Khan Kham
Vice Chairman Lunminthang
Secretary Kapzalam
Jt. Secretaty Nianghoihching
Finance/Treasurer Lalthienghlim @ Thienga
Exe. Members S. Khammuanthang
HangP, MC Khampi, Chiinneinieng.
A Sofa Set Furniture Project to be kept at the residence of the pastor was started .
Year 2001
Chairman - P. K. Pau
Vice Chairman - L. Lam Khan Piang
Secretary - David Vumlallian
Jt. Secretary - Ms. Muanching
Treasurer - H. Kham Khan Suan
Secy., Prayer - Dim Suan Lun
Secy., Music - Pa S. Kam Khan Siing
Exe. Member - Paulianhang, Niang Biak Lun
Ex-officio - G. Thang Khan Kham
Adviser - Rev. Khup Za Go
1. On every Sunday, A Prayer Meeting & Discussion Session was started in this year.
2. The Chairman, Mr. P. K. Pau resigned and The Vice Chairman, Mr. Lam Khan Piang took over the post of Chairmanship on 28th October, 2001.
Year 2002
Chairman - L. Lam Khan Piang
Vice Chairman - S. Khammuanthang
Secretary - H. Kham Khan Suan
Asst. Secy. - Paulianhang @ HangP
Treasurer - G . Thang Khan Kham
Prayer Secretary - David Vumlallian
Jt. Prayer Secy. - Dim Suan Lun
Exe. Member - Irene Lhinghoikim, Niang Biak Lun
Year 2003
Chairman - L. Lam Khan Piang
Vice Chairman - David Vumlallian
Secretary - H. Kham Khan Suan
Asst. Secy. - Paulianhang @ HangP
Treasurer - Dim Suan Lun
Prayer Secretary - M. Kamminthang
Jt. Prayer Secy. - Niang Biak Lun
Secy., Property - Lalthienghlim @ Thienga
Music Incharge - M. Lalmuanlian,
Carey Tuangpu, Vungliankim,
Mawi Than Sang,
Lucy Chiinching
Exe. Member - Dr. Robert Zou, Manzaching
Year 2004
Chairman - S. Thangsuanmung
Vice Chairman - Stephen Doukhanlun
Secretary - H. Kham Khan Suan
Asst. Secy. - M. Lalmuanlian
Treasurer - M. Kamminthang
Prayer Secretary - Niing Lun Ching
Jt. Prayer Secy. - Huai Sian Vung
Secy., Property - S. Gouzakap &
& Music Incharge - Aron Muanthang
Advisers - Rev. Khup Za Go & Pu T. Philip Zou
The post of Secretary was taken up by Mr. M. Lalmuanlian, as the Secretary left Delhi to join his new lecturer post at BHU. Mr. Dalzalam @ Lamnoi Naulak was nominated to the post of Asst. Secretary. Tonic Solfa Camp was organised from 17 – 19 June at Pa Khakhai’s residence. Mr. Gouzakap & Aron resigned from their post as they left Delhi, therefore, Mr. G. Suan Khan Khai was appointed to fill up the former’s post. 2005 Pocket Calendar was printed by the youth.
Year 2005
Chairman - S. Thangsuanmung
Vice Chairman - L. Lam Khan Piang
Secretary - Lamboi Naulak
Asst. Secy. - L. Suan Lam Thang
Treasurer - Nelson ThangKhanLal
Prayer Secretary - Paulianhang @ HangP
Jt. Prayer Secy. - Lhingneiching
Secy., Property - G. Suan Khan Khai
Music Dept. - M. Lalmuanlian,
Carey Tuangpu, Mawi Than Sang, Manlianching
Advisers - Rev. Khup Za Go & Evan. T. K. Lian
1. Another Sound System project was taken up. Before Christmas, a new Amplifier and 2 FM Microphones are at hand.
2. ZCFD Directory was produced in this year. In this year the YD was increased by 57 news faces.
3. YD covered the dead body of our beloved Pastor, Rev. Khupzagou with Zo traditional shawl on 10.04.2005.
4. Every 1st Sunday Prayer Fellowship was successfully organised at different youth’s residences.
5. Under the YD’s judgement, Best Couple Award was given to Mrs. & Mr. G. Swan Za Lian on its Raising Day.
6. A beautiful Weekly Fellowship News was run by the YD throughout the year under the Editorship of Mr. T. Zamlunmang Zou.
7. The Secretary, Mr. Lamboi Naulak tied the everlasting knot with Ms. Chingkhankim. The 1st, amongst the office bearers. Record Break!!
YEAR 2006 & 2007
As per the resolution passed by the Executive Committee of the ZCFD, the two year term starts with effect from 2006 January.
Executive Committee Members
Chairman - S. Thangsuanmung
Vice Chairman - T. Thangminlien
Secretary - T. Zamlunmang Zou
Asst. Secy. - M. Lalmuanlian
Treasurer - Nelson Thangkhanlal
Departmental Secretaries
Secy., Property - HangP
Secy., Prayer - T. Thangminlien, Manlienching, Ching Za Siam, Chong Biak Ching
Music Dept. - D. S. Mang, Lhingneiching, Nianbiakhoih, Thangkhanmang,
Cing Ngaih Hau
Adviser - Pa Hauliankap
1. During this short span of time, the YD produced Silver Jubilee T-shirt, circulated all over India.
2. Donated Rs. 13000/- for the celebration of ZCF Silver Jubilee.
3. Organised a One Day Silver Jubilee Motivational Seminar at NTBC, Munirka on the 27th January, 2007 under the Moderation of Upa N. Chinsum. Pu T. Kaithang, Finance Officer, Immanuel Hospital, Delhi & Evan. Paul Haokip, Asst. Chaplain, KWS delivered a wonderful seminar papers.
4. Organised Silver Jubilee Motivational Tour to all Eimi Fellowships in New Delhi.
5. A very special Youth Fellowship Service was started on every 5th Sunday of the month whenever it exists.
As per the record maintained by the Property Secretary, Mr. HangP, the YD is in possession of the following items till our Silver Jubilee. Hollow Guitar – 1, Amplifier – 1, Speaker – 2, Microphone – 5, Wire Extn. Code – 2, Keyboard stand – 1, FM Micro receiver – 1, Trunk Box - 2, Godrej Cabinet – 1, Mic Stand – 4, Cable Extention – 2, etc.
Youth Dept Leaders 2007 - 2009

Chairman - S. Thangsuanmung
Vice Chairman - B. Nelson
Secretary - Samuel Samte
Asst. Secy. - Lhingneiching
Treasurer - Manlienching
Departmental Secretaries
Secy., Property - Hang Khan Lian
Statistics - Kamlianlal, Khum Ngaih Lian
Music Dept. - D. S. Mang, T. Khaimuanthang, Lamneichong, Mawi Than Sang
Planning - Kammuanmung & Thangngaih
Adviser - Pa MC Dalthang





April 18th, 2009

Established in 1995, The 1st Election was held and Executive Committee was formed in 1996
1. Chairperson - Nu Hoihlam
2. Secretary - Miss. Hoihnu Vaiphei
3. Treasurer - Nu Jangnu
1. Chairperson - Nu Hoihlam
2. Secretary - Nu Grace Neihsiel
3. Treasurer - Nu Jangnu
1. Chairperson - Nu Grace Neihsiel
2. Secretary - Nu Lalnunmawi
3. Treasurer - Nu Jangnu
1. Chairperson - Nu Grace Neihsiel
2. Secretary - Nu Lalnunmawi
3. Treasurer - Nu Ngaih Zual
1. Chairperson - Nu Grace Neihsiel
2. Secretary - Nu Lalnunmawi
3. Treasurer - Nu Ngaih Zual
1. Chairperson - Nu Grace Neihsiel
2.Secretary - Nu Lalthanfel
3.Treasurer - Nu Ngaih Zual
1. Chairperson - Nu Grace Neihsiel
2. Secretary - Nu Cing Lian Kim
3. Treasurer - Nu Ngaih Zual
1. Chairperson - Nu Grace Neihsiel
2. Secretary - Nu Cing Lian Kim
3. Treasurer - Nu Ngaih Zual
1. Chairperson - Nu Lalthanfel
2. Secretary - Nu Cing Lian Kim
3. Treasurer - Nu Ngaih Zual
1. Chairperson - Nu Lalthanfel
2. Secretary - Nu Vungneiching
3. Treasurer - Nu Chiinneikhum
2006 – 2007
1. Chairperson - Dr. Grace Siasian
2.Vice CP - Nu Chinglienchiin
3.Secretary - Nu Cing Lian Kim
4.Asstt. Secy. - Nu Vungneiching
5. Treasurer - Nu Lalthanfel
6.Exe. Member - Nu Chinglianchiin
7.Secy. Property - Nu Niang Khan Man
8.Secy. Prayer - Nu Lunkhannuam
Akiphuh kum apat kum 2005 tan, kum khat khat in vai ana kipua a, kum 2006 apa’n two years term di’n Executive in thutanna bawl in, 2006 apat vaipawte’n kum 2 sung kipua ding hi.

April 18th, 2009

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” - Prov. 22:6
Brief Report
A Manggam kelien diing leh ga tampi suong diinga Silver Jubilee tanchieng hunpha leh hun manpha hing pia, amin ngainou Jehovah Jire thupina teng teng i khuhsah uhi.
Children Sunday School Union in record a tuom a ki bawllou a, ZCF Secretary a record pen kingam ahi hi. Tuo record a i mu dungjui in a thusim tomkim a nei abangin talang vai.
Kum 1997 in Unaute, Sharon, Hoinu leh Chingzakim te sangsia hina nuai ah naupang tawmnou khat toh Naupang Sunday School ana panta uhi. Sunday School inn ki neilou ahiman in alem lemna ah ki thuhilna ana kinei tou zel hi. Kum 1999 leh 2000 te ah Pa Khakhai Inn ana ki zanga, tuozaw sawtlou in Free Church Compound sung alem lemna ah tuni tan in ki neitou peh hi.
February 7, 1998 in Sunday School Department ana kiphutdoh tahi. Lamkai masate’n naupangte lamdih a pui ana dei uh chi i muna ahileh, Department dangteng sanga kiphut masa pen ahi hi. CEEFJ laibu mangin naupangte Pasian thu-le-la ah ana kipui huoi zing hi. Tuni chiengin ahileh Laibu dang dang apat ki thuhilna ki nei theita hi. Tuokhawm dawlna zong kinei zel a tuopen, CSSD Fund hi a, apoimaw dungjui in nuomman leh adang dangA ah ki zang zel hi. Naupangte toh abang kal chieng in Delhi khopi sungah Educational Tour kipei thei hi.
Naupang phasa atangpi’n 15 - 25 ahiman in pawl tuom in kikhen theilou a, a unpi un ki hilkhawm zel hi. A kipat apat sangsieh a napangte tam anei ate ahi uhi.
1997 - Sharon, Hoinu, Chingzakim
1998 - Thangkhankham, Douminthang.
1999 - Thangkhankham, Nemhoihkim.
2000 - Thangkhamkham, Vungbawi @ Dimvung.
2001 - Thangkhankham, Lunboi.
2002 - Thongkhanlal, Nelson Thangkhanlal, Lunboi.
2003 - Aaron Kamzamuanthang, Nelson Thangkhanlal, Chingthiannem.
2005 - Aaron Kamzamuanthang, Zamkhansang, T. Thangminlien, Manlienching.
2006 - 2007 : Zamkhansang, T. Thangminlian & Manlienching.
2008-2009: Thangminlien, Manlienching & Cing Neih Kim

Naupangte Pasian thu-le-la a akhanlet dinguh i deisah tahzet a, michin in i ngaipoimaw ding uhi. Sunday School inn ding zong deihuoi petmata a, lamkai leh mipite’n Vision hoitah nei in maa i sawn zel ding uhi.

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