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The first Fellowship was held on 27th February at 9th Canning Lane under the leadership of Pu V. Dongzathang(Chairman), Pu Suakzathang(Co-ordinator), Pu H. Vungzamuan(Secretary), Nu Manzam, Nu Pari and Nu Chingpi. Tv. Ginlallian would also look after the youth and Children Sunday School sections.


The first Hundamna Camp was held from January 19-22 with Rev. Lalngaisang and Rev T. Pumzathang as main speakers.


First issue of Fellowship news, which is circulated every Sunday till today, was circulated on November 1 with Mr. Ngulkhanzam as Editor, Mr. Hemkhopau as Assistant Editor and Mr. Nengdoupau as Circulation Manager.


From August 5 Zomi Christian Fellowship started worship service every Sunday at Free Church, Parliament Street.


On Febuary 9 Children Sunday School was started. In March Zomi Bulletin was changed to Zomi Christian International. And in October ZOMI HYMN BOOK was printed.


Rev. Maylawmthang was invited as a Visiting Pastor for the Fellowship. The Fellowship bought a brand new Computer (P-IV). Zomi Christian Fellowship Delhi was registered under the Registration of Society, Government of India.


During March the Fellowship started supported a missionary who is also working under IEM (Indian Evangelical Mission). The first ZCF supported missionary was Mr & Mrs Dinesh Patel, C/o M.M. Math Orchid House, St. Mary Road, Mt. Abu, Rajasthan.


1. Missionary Board of the Fellowship was established on January 19 with Pu Thang Za Khen as Chairman, Pa Gin Chin

Lam as Secretary and Mr Zam Khan Sang as Treasurer.



2. On April our beloved Pastor Rev. Khup Za Go met an accident and left us for his Heavenly abode. Evan Thawng Khan Lian was invited to look after the Fellowship until the time the Fellowship have a full-time pastor.

3. In the latter part of the year Rev. GK Joshua Samte was appointed as a full-time pastor of the Fellowship.


The Fellowship members increased manifold and having the necessity to have a formal executives, election for the Fellowship executives was held on March 13.


The name 9th Canning Lane Fellowship was changed to Zomi Fellowship on August 17.


On August 20 Zomi Fellowship was further changed to ZOMI CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP.


The first issue of Zomi Bulletin was published on October 6.


Rev. Langkhanthang was appointed as the first full-time pastor of the Fellowship.


A computer Inkjet Printer was bought. Rev. Langkhanthang left us to USA for his further studies. In the latter part of the year Rev. Khup Za Go was appointed as a full-time pastor of the Fellowship


The missionary work of the Fellowship was further extended by supporting Evan Totong of Care and Concern Ministry, Delhi.


1. The missionary work was further extended and Evan Sompal who was working under Care & Concern Ministry was supported by the Fellowship.

2. In the latter part of the year Rev. KC Thomas of Punjab was also supported by the Fellowship. He was the fourth missionary to be supported by the Fellowship. The Mission Board of the Fellowship aim and determined to support a minimum of 5 (Five) missionaries before Silver Jubilee of the Fellowship.
3. The 100th day Anniversay of the Fasting Prayer, which was held every Sunday morning, was held one Sunday morning by praising and glorifying the name of our Heavenly Father.
4. Chirag Delhi Prayer Cell was formed by the Pastor and Chairman of the Fellowship.
5. Bethel Prayer House was inaugurated by the Pastor at Munirka, New Delhi.


1. Silver Jubilee Committee was formed for the glorious celebration of the Fellowship’s 25th Year on February 27, and a target budget of Rs. 4 Lakh was projected for the various Departments of the Fellowship and several fund raising projects were undertaken.

2. Music & Sound System were updated by purchasing a new PSR-1100 Yamaha Keyboard, Speakers, microphones, mixer, and other useful equipments.
3. Under the initiative and leadership of Pa G. SwanZaLian, Chairman ZCF Delhi and some youth members ZCF Praise & Worship team was formed.
4. Membership for the Fellowship was renewed/fresh registration was undertaken with Rs 5/- per head as registration fee. At the end of the current year there are more than 400 registered members under the Fellowship.
5. The target Budget for ZCF Delhi including Silver Jubilee Budget was projected to be Rs. 7,20,000/-.
6. On New Year Day the year 2007 was declared by the Fellowship as “GAM LAK KUM”(Josh. 13:1)
7. On 30/01/07 Nu Niangpi Singson was supported by the Fellowship. Thus the target of the Mission Board to support 5 missionaries before Silver Jubilee was fulfilled. Glory be to God.
8. ZCF Couple Seminar was organized by the Ladies Department during 09-10th November, 2007. Pi Rem-I and Rev. Thangkholian from HIM (Here I Am) Ministry were the Resource Persons. Theme: Psalm 137:1

9.       ZCF’s One Day Outing Programme at Suraj Kunj, Haryana on November, 24.​


1.       Theme of the Year  2008 ‘ Year of Witnessing’

2.       ZCF Hundamna Camp 2008 was held from 2nd to 4th October, 2008. Evan Lang Do Khup and his team i.e, Khitui Gospel Team is the speaker.
2.       ZCF Official website was formally launched and dedicated to the Lord by the Pastor Rev. G.K. Joshuo Samte.
3.       Four new Prayer Cells were formed and held prayer meeting continuously at (1) Gurgaon [every Tuesday], Noida [Every Tuesday] and Safdarjung Area [Every Friday] and, Palam Village [Every Saturday].
4.       ZCF, Delhi Library was started functioning at the residence of Pastor. New Computer HP-Laser Printer was purchased.
6.       The 50th Marriage Anniversary of Mr & Mrs Pa Thang Za Khen was celebrated on 05/04/2009.
7.       Christmas and New Year was celebrated at Community Centre, Netaji Nagar, New Delhi.
8.       Donated Rs.11,986/- to the Committee on Mautaam Famine Aid(COMFA)
9.       The 10th Anniversary of the Youth Department of ZCF, Delhi was celebrated on September, 28, 2008. In commemoration of the occasion a Souvenir was released by Pu Philip Thanglienmang, DANICS.
10.     ZCF Youth ICON 2008 was held on December, 7, 2008 at Free Church, Parliament Street. Miss Cing Lun Mang was crowned the coveted ZCF Youth ICON2008.
11.     The Fellowship continued to support five Missionaries as a partner with others organisation.
12.     The Targeted Estimate Budget of Rs. 9,47,935.00 was achieved. Praise the Lord for his abundant blessing.


1.       Theme of the Year 2009 ‘ Year of Prosperity’ -3John 2.

2.       The total Budget estimate for the 2009 is Rs.15,14,569.25
3.       Contributed Rs.10,000/- for Celebration of 25th Year Silver Jubilee of ZCF, Guwahati.
4.       ZCF Youth ICON 2009 is proposed to be organised by Youth Department.
5.       ProjeAct ‘ZCF Mission Field’ by 2010.
1.   The Chairman and Secretaries
Year  Chairman  Secretary
82-83  V. Dongzathang  Thangzamuan
83-84  Lianzago Hatzaw  Khaizalian
84-85  V. Dongzathang  Letkhoneh Haokip
85-86  LianZaGo Hatzaw  LT Ngaihte
86-87  Khaizalian  Ginkhanthang
87-88  Khaizalian  Ginkhanthang
88-89  Doupau Haokip  Khamchinpau
89-90  Ginkhanthang  Mangzangam
90-91  H. Dongminthang  P. Vaiphei
91-92  LT Ngaihte  K. Ginkhanthang
92-93  Hempao Lhungdim  Soilianmang
93-94  Khamkhosiam  Joseph Mate
94-95  H. Dongminthang  Soilianmang
95-96  H. Dongminthang  Soilianmang
96-97  Lunkhopau Vaiphei  G. SwanZaLian
97-98  Ginkhomang  G. Swan Za Lian
98-99  N. Neihsial  G. Swan Za Lian
99-00  N. Neihsial  G. Swan Za Lian
00-01  N. Neihsial  G. Swan Za Lian
01-02  N. Neihsial  Rev. Khup Za Go
02-03  N. Neihsial  Rev. Khup Za Go
03-04  G. Swan Za Lian  Rev. Khup Za Go
04-05  G. Swan Za Lian  Rev. Khup Za Go
05-06  G. Swan Za Lian  Rev. Khup Za Go
06-07  G. Swan Za Lian  Rev. GK Samte
07-2010  Hauliankap  Rev. GK Samte

ZCF Former Advisers
ZCF Delhi Advisers  Pastors
Pumtinthang Gangte  Rev. Langkhanthang
Kaikhokam Kipgen  Rev. Khup Za Go
Thangzamang Guite  Rev. GK Joshua Samte
Late Thangkhanpau Guite
Vice Chairman and Joint Secretaries
Year  Vice-Chairman  Jt. Secretary
82-83  Nill  Nill
83-84  Nill  Ginlianlal
84-85  Nill  Nill
85-86  Nill  Nill
86-87  Nill  Nill
87-88  Nill  Nill
88-89  Chinzahau Simte  Songzagin
89-90  H. Dongminthang  P. Vaiphei
90-91  LT Ngaihte  Hempao Lhungdim
91-92  Khamkhosiam  L. Langkhanthang
92-93  Khamkhosiam  Hausuanthang
93-94  L. Langkhanthang  N. Liansanglur
94-95  Hempao Lhungdim  G. ChinKhanMuan
95-96  Nill  Nill
96-97  Ginkhomang  Khakhai Zou
97-98  Khakhai Zou  H. Dongminthang
98-99  Khakhai Zou  H. Dongminthang
99-00  Khakhai Zou  Nill
00-01  Khakhai Zou  KamKhanSing
01-02  Khakhai Zou  G. Swan Za Lian
02-03  Khakhai Zou  G. Swan Za Lian
03-04  Khakhai Zou  TualZaKam
04-05  MC DalThang  Dr. Robert Zou
05-06  MC DalThang  Khakhai Zou
06-07  Khakhai Zou  Hauliankap
07-2010  G. Swan Za Lian  Khakhai Zou

Executive Committee 2009
01.  Rev. G.K. Joshua Samte  Pastor-cum- Secretary
02.  Hauliankap  Chairman
03.  G. Swan Za Lian  V. Chairman
04.  Khakhai Zou  Joint Secretary
05.  M.C. Dalthang  Member
06.  Carey Pumkhantuang Suante  Member (Web Administrator)

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