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Jubilee Benevolent Contributors

We are proud to remember these benovelent contributors for the successful celebration of the Zomi Christian Fellowship Delhi’s Silver Jubilee on February 27, 2007 at Free Church

From ZCFD Members

Pa Khakhai Zou Rs. 10,000
Pa Swanzalian Rs. 9000
Pa Haulienkap Rs. 8500
Pa Tualkam Rs. 8000
Pa Lamboi Naulak Rs. 6000
Rev. GK Samte Rs. 5000
Pa Thangsianmang Rs. 5000
Nu Ngaihzual Rs. 2000
Nu Cingliankim Rs. 1500
Nu Chiinneikhum Rs. 1000
Nu Chinglienchiin Rs. 1000
Tv. G. Suankhankhai Rs. 1000
Nh. Chongbiakching Rs. 1000
Tv. Paulienhang Rs. 1000
Nh. Cingzasiam Rs. 1000
Pa T. Zamlunmang Rs. 900
Tv. M. Lalmuonlien Zou Rs. 900
Tv. Thangsuonmung Rs. 900
Tv. B. Nelson TKlal Rs. 700
Tv. T. Thangminlien Rs. 500
Nu Lalthanfel Rs. 500
Nu Vungneiching Rs. 500
Nu Nuamzaching Rs. 500
Nu Pausawmching Rs. 500
Nu Niangkhanman Rs. 500
Nu Deihaunieng Rs. 500
Nh. Manlianching Rs. 500
Pa Kamzakhup Rs. 500
Nh. Lhingneiching Rs. 500
Nh. Nienbiakhoi Rs. 300
Tv. D. S. Mang Rs. 300
Tv. Thangkhanmang Rs. 300
Nu Lunkhannuam Rs. 300
Pa Carey Suante Rs. 300
Pa Thongzachin Rs. 300
Nh. Chingkhankim Rs. 300
Nh. Ginkhanngai Rs. 300
Nh. Hahat Mate Rs. 300
Nh. Chingkhannuam Rs. 300
Nh. T. Vunghaunieng Rs. 100
Tv. Lyanpi Lethyl Rs. 100
Nu Ngaizahat Rs. 100
Nu Ngakbawi Rs. 50

From our well wishers

Pu V. Dongzathang Rs. 5000
Pu Thangzamuan Rs. 5000
Pu Thangsianmang Rs. 5000
Rev. Langthang Rs. 5000
Vaiphei Christian F, Delhi Rs. 5000
NTBC, Delhi Rs. 3000
Rev. Dongzathawng Rs. 2550
EBCC, Delhi Rs. 2500
Gangte Christian F, Delhi Rs. 2000
ZCF, Calcutta Rs. 1500
ZCF, Guwahati Rs. 1000
Dr. H. T. Sangliana Rs. 1000
Pu Nehzamang Simte Rs. 1000
EOC Delhi Rs. 1000
Chin Baptist Assn., Lamka Rs. 1000

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